Dog Days of Summer, part one

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This past week the heat has forced me to put on my thinking cap and look for creative and cool ways to get the kids energy out...without me having to venture outside if at all possible. We go swimming almost daily and frequent the library and our favorite museum on a regular basis, but were looking for something new (and free!) to do one day last week.

And so we decided to go to the splash park at the local mall.

I figured it couldn't be so bad as long as we could stay wet. Right? Right.

Well, after much amping it up on my part...
And wrangling 3 kiddo's into bathing suits...
And packing towels and drinks...
And applying sunscreen...
Driving around the parking lot 17 times looking for a close and shady spot...
Walking to the splash park with above mentioned three kids and accoutrements...

The splash park was not, splashy.
In fact, there was NOT ONE DROP OF WATER running when we got there.

Except for the tears of my children as they wailed in disappointment.
And the sweat of their mother as she tried to comfort them in the hot sunshine and 115 degree heat.

Without losing her cool. Pun intended.

Of course, like any good mother, I decided to assuage their disappointment with promises of a ride on the carousel. Forget free at this point, right. Right.

Except, unlike any good mother, I didn't have ANY cash on me. And the dag blam atm machine was broken. And given my current state of pregnancy I didn't think I'd have that much success prostituting myself.

Kidding, people. Geesh.

Maybe we could make the next showing for the Winnie the Pooh movie? Forget cheap at this point, right. Right.

GREAT idea.

Except it started 30 minutes ago and the next one doesn't start for 2 more hours. we went to the great land of Chick Fil A with promises of happy meals and ice cream cones.

Only to not be able to find ONE *$%&*&%** parking space. Not ONE.

I decided at this point that I would just join in on the cries of my children...
if you can't beat them and all that...

And we just drove home.

The End.

Just kidding. I had a hard conversation with myself on the way home from the chick fil a parking lot and was able to pull myself back together and salvage the rest of the afternoon. But you'll have to tune back in later for part two. Cause I'm evil like that.
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we had this day! except we went into the grocery store instead of chic fil a. Because I've never heard of that.