Ella Bella Kissed a Fella

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Have you ever thought about the irony of the word mini? We have a miniature word for miniature.

Ella pointed that out to me. Of course.

She is in a funny stage right now. Her logical thinking is really developing and she demonstrates this to me on a daily basis.

We were watching Zathura for our family movie night over the weekend. Which, on a side note, pretty much scared the bejeezus out of the boys. But not the ever brave Ella. There is a scene when the kids in the movie first discover their house is floating around in space...and Ella remarked how silly that was because of course they wouldn't be able to breathe in space.

I showed her how to do a magic trick the other day and after explaining all the steps to her she burst into tears. Big crocodile tears. Break a momma's heart tears. She told me she was crying because she really wanted it to be "magic" and not just a trick.

And her arguing skills have risen to a new exhausting level. Jeremiah and I remarked how we feel like she has entered a stage that will probably last...oh, for the next 15 years or so.

She has perfected the art of manipulating her brothers and can pretty much talk them into doing ANYTHING for her...carrying her stuff, sharing their candy, giving up their toys. It's really an art form the way she does this.

But, oh...how they love her and are just happy to make her happy.

We were at the museum last week and she worked laboriously for half an hour building these little buildings for all the animals in one of the sections. I remarked how I liked all the "houses" she had built...and was quickly corrected with a, "no, Mom...they aren't houses...they are habitats for the animals."

Of course. Habitats. How silly of me.

She came to me a few weeks ago and told me that she was ready to stop sucking her thumb at night. I have never ever made an issue of it with her because I know her personality and knew it would have to be her idea...and I wasn't about to engage in a losing battle (for me) and frustrate the both of us. So we talked about how to go about doing it...set up a plan and she is now officially a week into being thumb sucking free.

Easy-peesy, mac n cheesy.

Only because she was the one in control of the situation, of course.

She has taken it upon herself to be Eli's personal speech coach. Every week after Eli's speech therapy he comes home with a homework sheet of practice sounds and words and she will sit down with him throughout the week and work with him. Does a darn good job at it too.

Her latest vocational aspiration is to be a circus performer. Since they get to ride on trains and wear costumes, of course.

Such sweetness.
Such silliness.
Such smartness.

She is some kind of girl. Of course.

**It should be noted that despite the title of this post, Ella has not been engaging in any kissing activity with any boys. Nor will she be for approximately 52 more years.**
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mommajeane said...

Just :) here...and where is my little girl of yesterday who when she dropped her cone on the boardwalk at the beach wanted us to fix it....and when we couldn't figure out exactly what she meant- she promply took the cone and dipped the whole ice cream part into her mouth and out quickly to make it look like the swirl it had before she dropped it...or where is my little one who asked us, " If Jesus was perfect- did he cry?" at the very young age of 5. Who also promised to never marry...oh how I miss you coming in the front door and yelling for me, " Mom"! just because you wanted to know where I was :)

Briana said...

wow, this makes me happy and wish i was around to witness your experience of mothering this little wonder. :)