Thursday Thoughts (on Friday again)

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On any given day the boys have a 50% chance of putting their clothes on backwards.


It never fails that some article of their clothing is put on backwards 100% of the time.

I am beginning to think they are doing it just to irk me?

And you really don't need to point it out to me if you see me in public. I have decided not to fight this seemingly losing battle at this point. Yes, I know their ___________s are on backwards. I just don't care anymore. You can start pointing it out to me again when Zoe reaches 6 months of age and I have regained some level of sanity.

I will regain sanity again, right?

I am about to venture into uncharted territory in this pregnancy...if I make it past this weekend it will be the longest I have ever been pregnant before. While I am happy to have made it this far, I am READY to have her outside of my body.

Tomatoes and eggs.
Tomato sandwiches.
Tomato soup.
And more salsa.

Yes. Tomatoes are the bumper crop of the last two weeks around here. Not complaining though...I am not getting tired of them. It is a perfectly timed craving of mine.

We have a fun filled weekend ahead of us. Jeremiah and I get a date, friends are coming for a visit (that we haven't seen since I was about 9 months pregnant with Ezra, it'll be like I was pregnant for the last 3 years, ha!), and a few other fun things. I am learning that staying busy is a very good thing to keep my impatience at bay.

Ella's seeds that were planted in the garden are gorgeous right now, and the kids have enjoyed the free reign I have given them to pick as many as they want. They are too cute as they cut their bouquets and arrange them in vases which I inevitably find sprinkled throughout the house.

It is always nice to have a fresh bouquet of flowers in the bathroom, ya know...

And the pantry...

And the laundry room...

 these kids of mine.

Happy Friday!
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Kelly Via said...

Awe, I love the bouquets all over the house! I can just see the kids at work now...

The Martins said...

So glad you get a date before little Zoe comes! Enjoy these last few days as a family of 5! Excited to see pics of her!