Not Me Monday

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I am not up way past my bedtime listening to my husband snore away beside me in bed.

And I did not seriously considering breaking out the video camera to capture this aforementioned snoring. husband does not snore. And I always go to bed on time. And I would never publicly embarrass him on purpose.

And of course I would decide not to capture or post his nasal orchestration out of consideration for my husbands feelings...NOT because I would fear personal retaliation.

Not that I ever give any actions of legitimacy or substance that would serve as ammunition for retaliation.

Don't be silly.

I am in perfect control of all my bodily capacities and capabilities, despite being very eight and a half months pregnant. Oh yes, one can be very eight and a half months opposed to being just eight and a half months pregnant.

Not me up too late.
Not me listening to my husband snore.
Not me contemplating you tubing the video I did not capture.
Because my husband doesn't snore.
And I don't fear retaliation.
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Bobbie Grant said...

I have recorded my husband with my phone and played it at work so everyone could see the ridiculousness that I live with.