Dog Days of Summer, Part Two

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Ok, so we did just go home at this point...I was out of ideas. But, like I mentioned yesterday, I knew I needed to pull it together.

And so, we held our first official summer tea party and game afternoon.

I sold the idea to them and they seemed just a bit excited about it...

They didn't even care that we did pink lemonade instead of tea. Even Ella, who is quite particular about these things. "You can't call it a tea party if we don't have tea, Mom..."

I think I could put pond water in these glasses and the kids would drink it...they LOVE drinking out of the glasses. Of course, I reserve them for the specialist of occasions. And a diabolical flop like the one we'd experienced definitely qualified.

The first winner. He makes a very pretty pretty princess, no?!

Winner number two. He knows how to catch some fish.

Winner number three. It was memory, so...duh, of course Ella won it. She has a memory like an elephant.

And me. Winner number four. I kicked some candyland bootay.

Thank goodness for an afternoon salvaged!
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Tasha Via said...

And your creativity saves the day again!:)

mommajeane said...

I think you rigged it for each one of you to win...just like you would rig it when you were little...Don't you just love how guilable kids are. I love the huge, big ole smile Ella does.

Kelly Via said...

Sounds like you saved the day with a fun afternoon!