From Poppyseed to Pumpkin: Swiss Chard Week

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Swiss Chard.


Hmmm. I have nothing to say about swiss chard other than
apparently, Zoe is the length of a swiss chard this week. Obviously we hope she is a little thicker...probably over the 6 1/2 lb mark.

And...drum roll please....

I will officially have a FULL TERM baby this time!

Kinda excited about that. Not so excited to actually go all 40 weeks, but that is not up to me. Guess those shots really worked.

Everything is ready for her arrival. Everything. Now we get to play the waiting game.

My favorite game of all time, ya know.

I've been having crazy dreams over the last week. In one I gave birth to Zoe and she had one regular foot and one pigs foot. In another Zoe was born with hair long enough to do two french braids. In yet another, I gave birth in my bathtub with my mother assisting. I actually woke up from that one with a great feeling of felt so incredibly real. Gotta love those crazy pregnancy dreams, ha!

My 37 week belly shot...

And for a fun walk down memory lane (which gives me hope that I will not be toting this belly around for the rest of my life...) a collage from 16 weeks up to today...

Come on baby Zoe!
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Kelly Via said...

I love the preggo progression. Very fun to see - you are a beautiful pregnant lady. Can't wait to meet full-term baby Zoe!

Megan F said...

Yay! Woo hoo! It is so awesome that you are having a full-term bebé! Did you get 17P? I work at the March of Dimes, so I know how important full-term pregnancies are.

When I didn't see you and Jeremiah at church, I figured it was because the baby had I popped on over here to check things out...only to find no baby. She'll come. ;)