You Know You are Near The End of your Pregnancy...

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Your toes become amazingly dexterous at picking up fallen objects on the floor.

2) When turning over in bed involves three points.

3) Peeing in the cup at the doctors office is a blind guess.

4) When you shut your belly in the dryer door. Or the dishwasher.

5) Putting on your underwear is a VERY risky maneuver.

6) Every and all outings are planned around where the bathrooms are.

7) You can put a 12 year old boy to shame with your burps.

8) When your husband has to sleep on the accent pillows because you've confiscated all the others.

9) When your above mentioned husband doesn't even complain about sleeping on accent pillows for fear of sending you into a crying fit.

10) When you continuously mow over your toddler because your belly blocked your vision line of him.

and a Saturday bonus...

11) When you dress your kids in their winter pajamas so that you can set the AC down to a comfortable level at night...for yourself.

Any you'd like to add?....

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Erin Hemric said...

i noticed number 11 last night! :) if there is a way for everyone to be comfortable, GO FOR IT! :)

love this post! can't wait to meet Zoe!

Rachel said...

When you're actually looking forward to the newborn sleepless nights because they're probably more restful than the nights at the end of pregnancy. :)
Love your blog. Been praying for your little one. Hope he continues to heal well.

Marci said...

Mine was the above... you look forward to a newborn... because it can't be worse than the sleeplessness you already have. Hugs! Savor it!

Kelly Via said...

You made me crack up with these, Jenn. Hilarious, and SO true!!

Jamey... said...

I'm all about number 11! When I was pregnant during the summer and we lived in Georgia then I "made" us move from a downtown apartment onto military housing so that we didn't have to pay for utilities...aka my air conditioning habit. I was melting!!!