late night mash mish

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I had a (major) nesting spurt this weekend...and went to town. I figure I never am promised this energy for tomorrow so I need to take advantage of it while I have it. Right? Right.

I may or may not have made quite the to do list for Jeremiah as well.

I got my closet cleaned out. Threw out a ton of shoes. A ton. Why in the world do I hang on to shoes like I do? All (and I do mean ALL) of Eli's adoption papers are back in order. My house is clean. Groceries have been shopped for. Consignment sale items are ready to go. Laundry bins are mostly empty. Sheets were washed. Bills have been paid. Checkbook balanced. Hospital bag packed. Zoe's things organized.

The only thing left unchecked is the big IRS item. Oh, how I loathe the IRS at the moment. Loathe them in their inefficiencies and lack of communication and gooblygook. It doesn't matter that we have sent them the EXACT same information three different times...they want it four times. Nothing has changed IRS people. We know we adopted Eli and we have the receipts to prove it.

Shew. I'm dead tired, but sleep eludes...

And since we cut off our television this week, what do I do when all my family is asleep but me?

Think about random things to add to Jeremiah's to do list, of course.
And finally go check out what all the rage about pinterest is about.
Catch up on my favorite show of the summer.
Read a few thought provoking blogs.
Order Ella a thumb guard.
Then feel guilty for paying $15 for something I know I could make for $2.
Decide to write this silly blog.
And now I'm off to start my newest read.

Good night.
(And good riddance. I know you were thinking it.)
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Erin Hemric said...

if you need a random youtube video to add to your late night entertainment, check this one out

i just learned about this new phenomenon called planking this past's pretty interesting.

pregnant planking?? :)

mommajeane said...

Our church just went thru a series from that book. We bought it and I read it...that is "weird" :)I liked it and it's challenges.

The Martins said...

A guy in our small group just read that and loved it. Let me know what you think...I need to find my next book!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. We adopted, too, and the IRS is giving us the runaround. It's insane. And ours was an easy one for them (I would think). We adopted our foster daughter and she was special needs. Which means we only had to send in her special needs paper and her final adoption decree. We've decided not to count on them processing our case for a few years... :/.