Thursday Thoughts: Jeremiah's Birthday!

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Today is Jeremiah's birthday...and the kids have been all over it. We dubbed yesterday "get ready for Daddy's birthday-day" and they were so excited. Buying some presents, making a cake, creating cards...and creating a treasure hunt for him to look for his gifts. I even let them wrap his presents entirely on their own =)

I think eating the cake batter was the highlight of the day though...

We were talking this morning about how old he is (32 for anyone who cares to know) and how this birthday marks 15 years that we have been celebrating birthdays together. That's half of my life people. I think it started to make him feel old or something because he quickly changed the subject, ha!

Seriously though, he just gets better and better (and better and better) with age.

And better.

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!

We here in this family think you hung the moon.
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Ashley said...

"we love him" ...hilarious! :0)

Our Family said...

Too Cute!

jayandjoy said...

This family thinks Jeremiah hung the moon as well.
Happy Birthday!

jayandjoy said...

This last post was from MeMe and Poppee. How did I get signed on as Joy????