From Poppyseed to Pumpkin: Pineapple Week

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Now here is a fruit that I know a little bit about! Love me some fresh pineapple.

Little miss Zoe is approximately 5lbs now and probably around 18 inches long. She is getting SNUG in my belly. No more flips or somersaults...but still constant rolls and kicks. In general her basic physical development is complete...she will just work on putting on some more fat in these last few weeks.

Her. Not me. (maybe? please.)

I am feeling just grand. I really really love this stage of pregnancy...and thoroughly enjoy all the pleasures of back pain, constant braxton hicks contractions, frequent bathroom breaks, rib pain, fatigue, hot flashes, and sleepless nights. I especially love the stares to my belly and the waddle comments. LOVE them. Will miss it all desperately after she is born.

I learned a new medical term this week: prodromal labor.

Yes. It was an unfamiliar term to me too. Basically it is just a fancy schmancy way of saying false labor. But the contractions that come with it are anything but false. Felt like the real deal to me.

Tricky thing, this prodronal labor. You'd think I hadn't done this a time or two before.

I am very happy to have made it to my goal week. Zoe ended up being a good obedient little girl. Any extra weeks from here on out are just cake for her.

No real cravings at the moment, although I can always go for some watermelon.

I thought about reposting my photo from a few weeks a go. You know, for those of you who don't see me in real life. But, nah...I'll just put my big ol' belly out there for the world to see. Here is the view I see (and hence the reason my toenails are atrocious at this point):

And here is the view you see...

Won't be long now!
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ADawson said...

You still look great! :)

Dana said...

Jen! You are just beautiful!

mommajeane said...

That's my beautiful daughter...I tell you girl you look wonderful when you are pregnant...

Heather said...

You look great! The "Braxton hicks" contractions are stronger with each pregnancy, so it is very normal to think they are the real deal. With my 5th pregnancy they started in my 7th month! Stay hydrated! ;)

Kelly Via said...

I love the 'view I see' picture. Very cute, Jenn. You look great...even though you may not feel it everyday!