Homeschooling: Train Brains

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The unbearable heat the past few weeks has made it, well...unbearable to be outside. Hence, we have done more school lately as a means of occupying our time in a way that doesn't make want to admit myself into an insane asylum.

One day last week I took advantage of the kids renewed interest in their train track building and turned it into a math lesson on estimating and measuring.

Sidenote: Isn't it funny how kids seem to cycle through interest in their toys. It had been at least a month since they'd picked up a train, and then last week it was the ONLY toy they wanted to play with.

After hours and hours (literally) of train track building that stretched all over my house we sat down and had a quick lesson on what it means to estimate. Then everyone made their estimations for how many trains it would take to measure their height.

Then we painstakingly worked together and measured each other and recorded our findings.

And while this is not shown in the pictures, yes, even I got measured. Lying flat on my back at this stage in my pregnancy is not a very fun thing...but, oh the sacrifices we moms make.

I am only a FEW trains taller than Ella. Can I admit that this sort of disturbed me?! The girl is getting so tall and will VERY soon overtake me. Geesh. And we won't even talk about her shoe size.
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Brenna said...

My sweet teen daughter passed me up long ago, and I just LOVE having a tall young lady in the house now! She can reach all those upper cabinets without even standing on her tippy toes. And she looks great in heels, whereas I just look like a kid playing dress up.