Thursday Thoughts

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Zoe is one whole week old today. Ca-razy.

With each progressive child that has entered our family I am increasingly grateful for the gift of perspective. I may be dead tired, slightly overwhelmed trying to figure out a new normal, showering every other day, hormonally crying in bursts at random times, and still sore...but I KNOW how quickly this newborn stage goes...and I want to cherish every moment that I can.

That said, my days seem to pass in a blur. I am still figuring out how to get everything done in the day. I have a feeling it will be a long learning curve.

My sisters have been with me all week helping with everything. They are awesomely awesome, and I will be sad when they leave this weekend.

At the moment they have all three kids outside doing a glo-stick hide and seek game. See, I told you...awesomely awesome.

Everyone else in the family is doing well. I've seen very little surges of jealousy, mostly from Ezra, but nothing extreme. Eli is exactly how you'd expect...sweet, gentle, and very cautious around Z. Ella has been a bit clingy and needy and still struggling at night...but only showing love towards her sister.

We will get there...I know it just takes time.

I have thought so much this week about Eli's birth mom and wondered so much about what his early weeks were like. In my mind I am always remembering..."oh, Ella used to make that face"...or, "Zoe looks just like Ezra when she does that"...and I just have nothing for Eli.

I want to know what kind of baby he was.
I want to be able to share a memory with him.
I hurt because I don't have any stories to share with him.
I hurt because I don't have a baby book for him.
I hurt because I don't want him to hurt about these things...and I know that is inevitable.

On a lighter note. This is Eli's newest favorite mode of transportation to get around the house...

I try not to let my eye twitching show much as I listen to the super annoying clop clop clopping through the house.

I must think about 1,743 times a day how I am the most blessed woman in the world.

And I hope you are counting your blessings as well.

Happy Thursday!

p.s. For all the grandparents I promise more pictures soon.
p.p.s. For all of you who love a good birth story, I've got one of them coming too.
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I am waiting for the birth story! I LOVE birth stories! Congratulations on your sweet little addition...she is beautiful!! :)

ADawson said...

So true, this time goes by way too fast! Hang in there and don't feel bad for not getting it 'all' done. 'All' will still be there tomorrow... or you can just make Bear do it :)
I second the birth story request also :-)

Brenna said...

Congratulations! Sounds like all is well with your beautiful family!
We adopted a precious toddler, too, so I wanted to humbly suggest that you make Eli his very own Book of Firsts. You may not have his baby memories in your heart, but I know you've made some wonderful memories together since he came home. First ice cream cone, first swim, first nap together, first trip to grands, first favorite toy ~ all those Eli "firsts" will make a great memory book to share together as he grows. Also, make note in his book of any snuggly babyish things he did as a toddler ~ those will be important to him when he is older. Kids love to hear how cute they were, even if their cuteness was past what we normally consider the baby stage :)
Enjoy your little ones!

Briana said...

looking forward to the birth story. i hope it involves storks. ;)