zoe elizabeth: the first few days

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We are all smitten with the newest member of our family.
Quite smitten.

Zoe is doing great.
Really great.
Really, really great.

In all the ways a four day old little baby can be doing great...eating awesome, pooping up a storm, sleeping all the time except at night. We are just a few ounces away from catching up to her birth weight and she weighs more than her big sister did at two months of age.

Did I mention how great she is doing?
Did I mention how smitten we all are?

My mom and some of the troops have been in since Zoe's arrival and I am completely taking advantage of all the extra hands and help. My mom leaves today...but graciously has left two of my teenage sister-angels to help out for the next week.

I would go on and on...but the baby is sleeping and that means I should be sleeping too.

So, instead enjoy some pictures of our first few days together...

Smitten I tell you.
Absolutely smitten.

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ADawson said...

Awe! I want her! If you ever get too tired, just let me know :-) She is beautiful!

DeeDee said...

Oh Jen, I am so happy for you and Jeremiah...she is just precious, right along with Ella, Eli and Ezra of course! My love to all of you!

Kelly Via said...

Very sweet pics from your first few Zoe days :) Still getting used to seeing a chubbier Hambrick newborn!

mommajeane said...

I miss you guys already...Give kisses and hugs to all my grandbabies who are the sweetest. I love you all.

Kristal Dawson said...

Zoe is beautiful (just like the rest of the gang)!! Congratulations to the whole Hambrick family.

Briana said...

What a sweetie! Look at that dark hair, my goodness! I also love that darling white blanket, adorable and so snuggly. I'm so glad you guys are doing well. I love ya.

jayandjoy said...

She's beautiful, Jenn. I love her chubby cheeks.
Thanks so much for sharing the pics with us.
Ella looks like a natural...like her mom.

congrats, she's lovely.