Not Me Monday

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I did not eat dog food as a kid.

I did not allow my children to eat whatever they wanted for dinner last night.

They did not choose donuts, popcorn, and strawberries.

I do not have to ask Ezra if he has underwear on every time we leave the house.

I did not lose a child at the grocery store today.

I did not find that child gorging on the watermelon samples after a panicked search. (And I'll bet you can't guess which child it was, ha!)

I did not have a child walk in on my husband and me while we were "talking about Christmas" ...if you catch my drift.

Nope. None of these things happened. Not to me.

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Renae said...

LOL!! Too funny! Although I was expecting the last one to be, "I did NOT go into labor and have a beautiful baby girl last night..nope not me:)!" Still waiting for that one....;)

Briana said...

brave honesty!

ha ha ha!