Not Me Monday

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I did not take great pride in the fact that I went to the library with all four kids all by MYSELF last week.

And I did not consider it a highly successful trip because I remembered to return all books and movies, all four kids behaved, and we picked out a whole new selection of books and movies to return home with.

I certainly did not just glance at Ella's selections of movies and ok them without really looking at them.


Of course not. I am much more diligent than that.

Therefore I would not assume that a PBS documentary dvd with a picture of safari animals on the front would be just that...a PBS documentary on safari animals.


And it would not turn out to be a PBS documentary on the mating practices of safari animals.

And of course I would catch this before it was watched. Of course.


Oh no. Not me.
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Kristen said...

Well I guess that answers her "what are sex" question :)

Kim said...

oh my goodness, too funny!!

Kurt said...

Now that is home schooling!!!!!

DeeDee said...

oh, i laughed out loud and caused a ruckus over this one. nicely done. very nicely done.

Briana said...

by the way, "DeeDee" is actually Briana on DeeDee's computer. She is compelling me to clarify. I think it's funnier coming from her though. ;)