growing pains

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It's a weird week around here.
My previous two births were complete surprises and there was no planning involved.

This time around I have gone the entire pregnancy planning on being surprised.
Instead I am now planning a planned birth.

It just feels weird.
Not bad.

And I have had way too much time to think about things.

I remember distinctly crying my eyes out on the delivery table before Ezra was born.

Those of you with more than one child will probably get the reason why...

I was crying because I knew that things would never be the same again. I was crying out of sadness for Ella and knowing that her little world was about to be rocked. I was crying for myself and wondering if I really was going to be able to love this new child as much as my first born.

And yes, I was crying because of all the freakin' hormones rushing through my body.

Looking back most of those feelings were silly. Of course I loved Ezra as much. Of course Ella's world was rocked...but only in an awesome way.

When we were preparing to leave for Ethiopia to bring Eli home I experienced a lot of the same feelings again. I was mourning the loss of life as we knew it for him. Could I really love another child as much as these two? Could my love expand again?

Again, thinking seems silly. But it doesn't feel silly at the moment.

A new chapter in life is about to begin. And that means the old one is ending. While I want and look forward to this new chapter...there is still a loss involved, and I think for me I just have to go through a day or two of mourning to process it.

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Tasha Via said...

Love you Jenn!

Our Family said...

I understand you feelings. Enjoy your last two days with only 3 little ones in the house .. then you can start enjoying the new normal with 4 little ones in the house! Thinking of you and praying for you!

great pic Jenn! Joy comes in the morning!

Bobbie Grant said...

I have to admit that life as a family of five for almost five years has really got us settled into a routine. I can't imagine loving another child as much as Rea. I pray we are blessed with another child, but I already mourn the change of life as we know it. It's a hard transition, I'm sure.

Briana said...

hmmm, noteworthy.

p.s. i like the picture

mommajeane said...

All life is precious and special...Life as we know tonite will be different than life when we wake up. I cried like a baby when I kissed Laura Jeane good nite just before we left for the hospital to have you...and each new addition into my life and heart has changed me and our family. I so feel your stretching and growth pains but I always say it takes about 6 weeks after a life change for me to not remember life before the new child...I am so looking forward to holding sweet little Zoe. What a blessing each new life is !