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No baby yet. I've just been busy over the weekend...

Um, somehow August is here upon us. How did that happen?

August. Really?

I guess I am having an August baby, huh. Miss Zoe seems quite snug and comfortable in my belly despite giving me many nights of "false" hopes that she was getting ready to make her appearance.

Our weekend was crazy busy and fun. Our good friends got married and Jeremiah was in the wedding as well as sang in it. It was a beautiful and fun wedding. Which, after being in the wedding business before I was a Momma full time, is no small feat.

And I'm excited because I finally get to post a few of her bridal portraits!

Wasn't she a beautiful bride!

We also got to attend the 1 year birthday party of sweet Natalie, whom I credit with giving Jeremiah baby girl-itis...and thus, the motivation behind Miss Zoe. I do believe Natalie made the most impressive mess of her birthday cake of any 1 year old I have seen. Very impressive.

Yesterday Jeremiah and I both had a weird little stomach bug. Not fun at all. Today is a new day and all is settled in the land of our bellies once again.

Here's to the rest of the week and no one else coming down with the bug. A girl can hope can't she.
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Kristen said...

Love the pictures!

Mark Dolejs said...

Love the ring picture. Probably the most unique way I have ever seen. You rock with a camera!

Kelly Via said...

Your bridal portraits look lovely, Jenn. Very nice! Love the bare feet :)

Briana said...

very nice Jenn, well done!