Thursday Thoughts (on Wednesday)

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I figured I'd give my thoughts early this week...seeing as how I will be a bit occupied tomorrow!

Meet two of our other newest additions to the family:

The guy on the left is George Sam. The guy on the right is Sam the Snake.
Don't get them mixed up.
Or else...

Remember how yesterday I wrote about the mourning process I go through before each of our children have entered our family.

Well, I'm over it.
No more mourning.
Excitement has kicked in and let's bring on the baby!

I go into the hospital tonight after I've gotten to tuck the kids into bed.

Sidenote: Not that Ella will stay there (deep sigh) as apparently she is going through some growing pains of her own. I am praying hard that the anxiety she is feeling over the upcoming change to her world is in fact a lot more stressful to her than the reality of it. Poor girl. She transitioned so seamlessly with Ezra's arrival and actually set the pace for the rest of the family when Eli came along. It is hard to see her struggle so. It is hard for me to know how exactly to handle her.

She has been begging me for a while now to teach her to sew.

Because...ahem...I am an expert sewer, ya know. Expert.

We worked on the basics this week together and check out her first little stitches...

Too cute, huh.
The student will surpass the master very very soon.

One of my interests lately has been not cooking dinner. Or waiting till the very last minute and throwing something together. Or allowing my children to choose their dinner.

I am hoping that I will get some cooking motivation back after I am no longer pregnant. And it stops being so crazy hot.

In the vein of not cooking, I am sad to write that our very favorite local mexican restaurant, where we know everyone's name and our names are known, is closing next week. This restaurant has been staple of our family over the last few years. They have literally seen my kids grow up. They hosted Eli's first ever fourth birthday party. They clucked their tongues at us when they saw I was pregnant with #4. They surprised us often with free dessert. They turned a blind eye to my children's misbehavior.

I am probably a little bit too sad over this. It is just a restaurant Jenn...get a grip.

Feel free to send in any recommendations for replacement mexican restaurants in the area. I won't hold it against you if we try it and they fail miserably.

I'm having a baby TODAY!
(or quite possibly tomorrow...but today sounds better) Ahhhh!!!!

Happy Wednesday!

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Pam said...

Praying for a quick and safe delivery for you! I LOVED being induced. It was a great experience. Praying the same for you! Can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful little Zoe!

mommajeane said...

Woo Hoo and I can,t wait to hold them ALL....Leah can teach Ella while she is down . Leah is a seamstress and very patient...We will work on this while I am down - you know you got your sewing expertise from your momma :)

Erin Hemric said...

woo hoo! can't wait to meet sweet zoe! :) and our favorite mexican restaurant is don cecelio's (on latta road by the food lion)...idk that they have free food for kids, but they have a delicious dipping sauce to go along with their salsa.

Stacey said...

Saying prayers for you as well! I'll be praying tonight, late, as I am a nocternal of sorts. I do my best studying and praying then, when the house is quiet! Looking forward to meeting this little gift God has given you in the coming days!

Renae said...

Praying for a safe and QUICK delivery of your sweet baby!:)