The Bowling Bounce

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For something out of our normal family fun routine...we headed to the bowling alley this morning.

Uh, yeah...GREAT IDEA!

The kids loved it. Ella (of course) wanted no help and quickly picked up on the jist of the game. Ezra (of course) loved trying to stick his hands down the ball chute and trying to make friends with everyone else at the bowling alley.

And now...the pictures:

Ella would roll her ball so incredibly slowly down the alley that it is amazing that she even knocked down any pins. You could have run an errand (to the DMV) and been back before the ball got to the end!

Ok, maybe not the DMV, but you get the point =)

Ezra was all about some clapping for his fallen pins...

They would both get so excited the moment they sent their ball down the alley...and that excitement would build and build until they couldn't help but jump.

We'll call it the bowling bounce...

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Tasha Via said...

That's awesome! What a fun family outing=)

That it sooo cute! I didn't know a ball could roll that slowly! :)We haven't taken advantage of our bowling coupons yet - how is the place??