Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

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We got a new stroller this week.

This one.

I used the snot out of it at camp this week (I wonder where that saying came from?)and I can officially say I LOVE it.

In my short mommy life we have gone through a lot of strollers, so I feel as though I am a semi-expert on this stroller subject =)

Here's why I love my new one:

1) Folds up easily with one hand
2) Folds up remarkably small for a double stroller
3) Remarkably light for a double stroller
4) Plenty of cup holders and a snack tray...need I say more
5) Ella loves the convenience of it and the options available for her
6) Remarkable easy to maneuver for a double stroller
7) The price!

Of course it is not perfect as the storage basket is kind of awkward to get to and it is a little difficult to "wheelie" it up onto a curb as all the weight is in front...but overall...I am loving it!

What about you? Do you have a favorite stroller you love or a failed one you hate?

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I was hoping for some comments/recommendations! I have only had 3 strollers. Typical Graco stroller that fits infant seat (nice but didnt fit two!), a $20 umbrella stroller which is literally ripping apart, and a double stroller from Walmart (dont even know the brand. I like the double but it is a beast to push around, pretty heavy, and a child Lukes age, has no where to put his long legs and feet if he is sitting in the front. I get lots of use out of it but could definitely use something more compact, comfortable for them, and easy to push! I would love see how this one works out for you!