Camp Day

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The kids and I headed up to Lynchburg, VA this morning to join Jeremiah at Student Life Camp.

We made an entire day of it and said forget-cha to naps...and had a blast!

Lunch at Moe's, walking and reminiscing around the Liberty University campus, play time at Thomas Road's (Baptist Church, that is) incredible indoor play-gym, dinner with everyone at the cafeteria, meeting up with friends...and the kids even made it through a few songs at the evening session =)

No pictures because (gasp) I forgot my camera. I know. Very unlike me.

Oh well.

We are sleeping at Meme and Poppee's (otherwise known as Rick and Janet Via) house in Roanoke for the night...then it's back to Lynchburg in the morning.

I love camp. I loved going as a youth. I love going as a leader.

This year is special though...because I get to go as Mommy.

I really love going as Mommy.
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Kelly Via said...

Hmmm...if you see a handicapped hot youth leader up there riding a scooter, please tell him that his wife would like him home in one piece ;)