Not Me Monday (The Not My Kids Edition)

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I always have complete control of my children while in public settings.

I would never have a child who flings his icee (BRIGHT RED) all over the place at Target.

And I certainly would never allow my child to lose their shoes at the library.

And I most definitely do not have a child who runs up to random strangers and parts their legs apart so he can squeeze through the "bridge".

Nope. Not my children.

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Jeanne said...

The 2 nights we spent at the beach this week, you know my kids would never have stayed up past their bedtimes. Certainly they wouldn't have been receiving time-outs at midnight or even 1 am. Not my usually-in-the-bed-to-stay-by-8:00 kids! (And I wouldn't sprout horns and become the spawn of Satan in response, either, but it's not about me this week, is it?)

It was definitely noy MY kids, who BOTH screamed and pitched a good one, when we told them it was time to leave the train table at Books-a-Million last night....and they certainly did NOT scream the whole way out, making Ross and I look as if we had never told them NO before. They certainly did not humble us. Not my kids ;)