What we're into...

Ella is very into a puzzle phase at the moment.

She has always liked puzzles, but had outgrown the toddler ones we had and hadn't initiated playing with them in months.

I picked up a 25 piece puzzle at the dollar store a couple months ago...and promptly forgot about it =)

I rediscovered it a few weeks ago and just placed it in her room during her rest time.

When I walked in to get her up...there the puzzle sat...fully complete! Ella was beaming with pride over her accomplishment!

She's a right smart girl...even if she gets chocolate ice cream all over her face still =)

Ever since then, there has been no stopping her. We picked up a few more and she worked on them and worked on them until she mastered them.

Here's a sight that makes this Momma's heart smile...both of my children happily (and quietly) playing with puzzles together.

Who cares that Ezra only sat there for about 1/2 a minute and just long enough for me to capture this photo...It was a glorious 1/2 minute =)


What are your children into these summer days?


mommajeane said...

Your kids must have the smartest genes ever from both sides... what do you think Jim and Debbie ? Only the "grandest" kids in the whole world would be doing the stuff you share :)


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