Warm, Mushy, and Backwards

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Ella only likes her cereal mushy. The longer it sits in milk, the better it gets for her.

She also prefers all her drinks (milk included) room temperature or warm. She hates ice.

Ezra eats his ice cream cones from the bottom up.

Also his sandwiches...crust first. It doesn't matter how many times we turn them around...he just prefers to eat them backwards.

Weird children.

Do your children (or you!) have any strange eating preferences?
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Emma Lee has to eat everything in sections. She can't take a bite of one thing and then a bite of something else on her plate. She has to finish all her peas, then she'll move on to her corn, then the chicken, etc.

With Kerri . . .who knows? Everything she does is weird, including anything with her food. :)Whatever seems funny to her at the time is what she's going to do :)

Oh, and that's just gross about Ella's cereal! I can't stand the slightest bit of "mush" :)

I am the mom said...

I can't stand mushy cereal! And my husband can't eat *anything* without something to drink. Both of the older kids eat in sections too...and they'll eat any kind of condiment (ketchup, mustard, sweet & sour, Polynesian) on anything--including fruit! Adam mostly eats whatever he decides he's going to at that very moment. He'd live off mac & cheese if we let him!