Skydiving: Our Experience

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Here's my best attempt at putting our skydiving experience into words:

Let me start by saying it was absolutely INCREDIBLE! We both loved it (and would go again in a heartbeat).

It was not nearly as scary as you might think. We both felt very confident in our instructors. My guy, Mike, had over 9,000 jumps to his experience and was the very same parachuter that jumped with President George Bush for his 83rd and 85th birthday. Jeremiah's guy, had over 13,000 jumps to his experience and was a 5 time Golden Knights National Champion.

Talk about feeling secure =)

We jumped from 13,500 feet. We free-fell for 60 seconds before deploying the parachute. I cannot even describe those 60 seconds in words! It was very loud and windy and a little bit disorienting (I could not have told you what was up or down to save my life during that time!) and I seemed to have a bit of a drool problem =) There was no stomach in your throat roller-coaster drop feeling...just an incredible adrenaline rush!

Our instructors were very good at reading us...

Jeremiah did a backflip out of the plane, got to deploy the parachute himself, semi-control the parachute, do a lot of loops, and have a lot more "control" over his jump.

I on the other hand let Mike handle it ALL! I just wanted to not think about anything other than just experiencing it =)

The 4-5 minute parachute ride down after the freefall was incredibly quiet and peaceful and beautiful compared to the craziness of the jump.

We both had really smooth grass stains on our bottoms or noses =)

We had a big crowd greeting us right at the landing site and that was really special.

I sort of had an interesting reaction after the jump...kind of a diarrhea of the mouth where I just couldn't stop laughing and talking. Jeremiah just had a huge smile on his face!

We did get a video of the jump which we should hopefully receive later this week...and I'll see if I can post it.

Here are some more pictures of the day:

Suiting up...

Our plane (He told me what kind it was, but I cannot remember now)

Getting ready in the plane...

Getting ready to jump with our feet hanging out of the plane!

There he goes!

Safe on the ground...

My turn! I know I look like I'm resisting...but that is the "arch" position you are supposed to be in when you jump =)

I'm flying, I'm flying!

Safe on the ground =)

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Briana said...

AWESOME. so proud of you little daredevils. you can tell how much fun it was by the look on your faces. glad you loved it. did the kids watch? what did they think?

Too cool!

mommajeane said...

Great pics... Dad and the boys really enjoyed watching you. I am glad that Ben was not yet 18... he has the bug.