Not Me Monday

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I embrace my daughters independent spirit at all times. Therefore, I do not inwardly cringe at the outlandish outfits she comes out wearing in the mornings.

My memory is like a trap door at all times and I did not forget where I parked the other day. And I most certainly did not wander around all the parking aisles (carrying a bag of dog food so as to not appear obvious) looking and looking and looking and looking for my car. And I definitely did not remember 15 minutes later that I parked on the side of the store.

I am incredibly in shape and my arms are definitely not sore from carting around the above mentioned bag of dog food while wandering aimlessly through the Target parking lot.

I do not reserve serving frozen blueberries (the kids favorite food) only for bath days.

I (of course) bathe my children every day.

I do not scope out the cashiers and always choose the youngest looking ones, preferably of the male gender for the sole reason that they never give me any problems with using coupons. Never. Ever.

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Tasha Via said...

I'm totally biased when it comes to choosing which check-out line I go in too, HA!

Gosh! I never do that, haha! :) I also do NOT under any circumstances encourage the girls to have conversations with the cashiers in the check-out line. That would just be too distracting for them! :)

The other day they told the guy that he was a handsome prince. The poor boy had probably never heard that from anyone except his momma, and I don't think that he stopped blushing the whole time. :) Of course, I'm just waiting for the day when an inappropriate comment pops out of their sometimes too honest mouths and backfires on my little system! :)

Deb H said...

You are so funny! I love it! AND I never ever use my panic button on my keys to locate my car in the parking lot! ;-)