Thursday Thoughts

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Take a look at our updated documents list for our Ethiopian Dossier:

1) Photocopy of Jeremiah's birth certificate - Notarized
2) Photocopy of Jennifer's birth certificate - Notarized
3) Photocopy of our marriage certificate - Notarized
4) Local police clearances - Notarized
5) State police clearances - Notarized
6) Federal police clearances - Notarized
7) Medical Statement for Jeremiah - Notarized
8) Medical Statement for Jennifer - Notarized
9) Bank Letter - Notarized
10) 2008 1040 Tax Form - Notarized
11) Employment letter for Jeremiah - Notarized
12) Family letter to the government of Ethiopia - Notarized
13) Two reference letters - Notarized
14) Two power of attorney forms for Ethiopian lawyers - Notarized
15) Post placement agreement - Notarized
16) 8 passport photos for Jeremiah
17) 8 passport photos for Jennifer
18) Dossier cover document - Notarized and Apostilled through WA state Secretary of State Office
19) Completed 10 hours adoption training - Jennifer
20) Completed 10 hours adoption training - Jeremiah
21) I171H Immigration approval
22) Completed home study


Our social worker with our home study agency also contacted me this week and she is almost finished with our home study.

Our dear friends, Josh and Tasha, and their three little ones moved in on Sunday. So far so good! They have been house hunting every day and found one yesterday that they love. As long as all goes as plans...they should be able to move in around the middle of November.

I got the privileged of keeping Baby Cai today...and man, what a sweet little guy! He reminds me so much of how Ezra was as a baby...fat and happy =) Ella loved feeding him his bottle and helping me burp him. Ezra liked placing his cars on his belly and trying to climb into the exersaucer with him. Good thing he is a tough third child!

Somewhere mixed into all of this I was able to get my hair cut today. Goodness...I so needed that! Danielle brought her little girl, Emma Grace, along with her and she had some good cousin bonding time with Cai =)

They are only about 7 weeks apart...but I really feared that Cai was going to roll over onto her and squish her =)

She is such a dainty little thing!

Jeremiah took both the kids out tonight for dinner. I love him.

Happy Thursday!
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Kelly Via said...

Sweet!! Looks like everything is working out well with the adoption process!! I also love the picture of Emma and Cai!! So cute!

Tasha Via said...

Man, we have a chunk on our hands. Thanks for watching our boy=)