Ethiopia Dossier

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We got our Dossier packet in the mail today.

Yet again, about 2 weeks sooner than expected.

I'm not complaining...

but I was kind of looking forward to a week where I didn't have to do anything.


Time to get busy (again!).

Here's what we need to compile:

1) Photocopy of Jeremiah's birth certificate - Notarized
2) Photocopy of Jennifer's birth certificate - Notarized
3) Photocopy of our marriage certificate - Notarized
4) Local, State, and FBI police clearances - Notarized
5) Medical Statement for Jeremiah - Notarized
6) Medical Statement for Jennifer - Notarized
7) Bank Letter - Notarized
8) 2008 1040 Tax Form - Notarized
9) Employment letter for Jeremiah - Notarized
10) Family letter to the government of Ethiopia - Notarized
11) Two reference letters - Notarized
12) Two power of attorney forms for Ethiopian lawyers - Notarized
13) Post placement agreement - Notarized
14) 8 passport photos for Jeremiah
15) 8 passport photos for Jennifer
16) Dossier cover document - Notarized and Apostilled through NC Secretary of State Office
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Kristen said...

Good thing you know a notary!

WAY TO GO!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Looks similar to our dossier list. You need 8 passport photos each - wow, that sounds like a lot - we only needed 2 each. Good luck getting it all together!!!

Oh, so much fun! ;) Enjoy!

Hurray! I got a call today that our application was approved and they are sending me out a packet of stuff to work on for the homestudy!! You know what that means . . . we need to get together soon and make some plans! :)

Kurt said...

Looks like I will be getting writers cramp!!