Our Little Fire Starters (and C-group party)

We had our c-group party at the farm on Friday.

We had a blast!

However, even before the party festivities started, Jeremiah and I had fun with the kids getting things all set up for the bon-fire:

Gathering up the wood...

Riding to the fire pit (and am impish grin)...

The arranging of the sticks...

The finished fire-pit...

Random pictures of our good friends Josh and Kristen (I apologize publicly for not asking your permission before posting these pictures) I promise Josh is not a redneck...he was just preparing for his role as "deep-fryer-of-turkey" master.

And because I always get caught up in just having fun whenever we have company over...I totally forgot to take any more pictures of the night.

The bon-fire burned way into the night and we all ate our fill of delicious mountain pies, deep fried turkey, side dishes, pumpkin pie, and smores. Pumpkins were carved. Apples to be bobbed for were forgotten about. More smores were eaten. Most embarrassing stories were told. Ella and her girl friends learned a whole new spooky way to play hide and seek in the dark. A third round of smores was had.

As a testament to the fun that was had: Ella (or was that me?!) had pumpkin goo and seeds stuck to her clothes...melted chocolate and marshmallows smeared all over her face...her hair and clothes stunk like campfire...and she had big grass and dirt stains all over her pants!

What a great night!


Kristen said...

Pretty sure that Josh is a redneck...Thanks for letting us invade your kitchen with turkey grease and your backyard til late at night! We had a great time.

Kurt said...

Thank you for having us over. One of these days, I will have to be there during the daylight. Thanks for listening to me ramble....(I enjoyed picking up all the beads with Ella...she was so well behaved)

The Johnson Scoop said...

Thanks for inviting us We had fun! :)

Heather said...

Sounds like good fall fun. :)


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