Thursday Thoughts (on Friday)

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We are preparing for a big fall party tonight as the final meeting of our October friday night bible study with our C-group.

Pumpkin carving, turkey deep-frying, apple bobbing, and marshmallow roasting by the bonfire will be the events for the night. It should be fun! Look for pictures over the weekend.

Ezra has finally moved past the throwing stage. He still throws. But not everything. All the time.

However, he has moved right into the screaming stage. Not screaming because he is upset necessarily, although he is not above that at times. Mostly just screaming for screaming sake. He will climb up on his bathroom stool and look at himself in the mirror while he screams. I think he likes how he looks while screaming.

Lets hope this stage passes quick...

and doesn't move into a biting stage!

Jeremiah and I sat down this week and planned out our holiday visits for the next few months. I'm not sure why this makes me so happy...but it does. The holiday season is nearly upon us!

USCIS (US Immigration) cashed our I-600A check earlier in the week. That means they got our application and are beginning to file it. Woohoo...moving right along!

After this weekend, we should have the following update on our dossier list:

1) Photocopy of Jeremiah's birth certificate - Notarized
2) Photocopy of Jennifer's birth certificate - Notarized
3) Photocopy of our marriage certificate - Notarized
4) Local, State, and FBI police clearances - Notarized
5) Medical Statement for Jeremiah - Notarized
6) Medical Statement for Jennifer - Notarized
7) Bank Letter - Notarized
8) 2008 1040 Tax Form - Notarized
9) Employment letter for Jeremiah - Notarized
10) Family letter to the government of Ethiopia - Notarized
11) Two reference letters - Notarized
12) Two power of attorney forms for Ethiopian lawyers - Notarized
13) Post placement agreement - Notarized
14) 8 passport photos for Jeremiah
15) 8 passport photos for Jennifer
16) Dossier cover document - Notarized and Apostilled through WA state Secretary of State Office (not completed...but it got mailed off this week)

Yes, we are moving right along!

Happy Thursday Friday!
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Jennifer said...

That is so funny about your son...mine has been doing much the same...screams all the time and loves to do it while looking at his faces in the mirror - it's pretty hilarious!

I'm so glad USCIS cashed your check - it gives me hope that mine will be cashed soon too! I sent out app on Oct 2nd...ugh.

Have fun at the fall festivities!