Thursday Thoughts (on Friday)

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Better late than never.


This week has absolutely flown by. I can't believe we are into the meat of October already. This is one of my favorite months in North Carolina. Still hanging onto summer a jackets needed for the kids yet...flip-flops are still the footwear of choice. Yet, the humidity and bugs are pretty much gone and the afternoons are just perfect for playing outside.

Love it.

We found a fig tree on the farm today. I've never eaten a fresh fig before today...and I can't say that I am planning on making it a habit now =) They aren't necessarily bad...just an interesting texture.

We also picked a bunch of pears off the pear tree. We looked up how to ripen them so we will actually be able to do something with them this year. Pear jelly...yum!

We have also all but eaten all of the muscadine grapes. Ella and Ezra both love them! Despite mouth sores and um, shall we say, tummy issues, they continue to eat them until I make them stop.

Sadly, we have no apples this year. Not a single one. We think a late frost in the spring must have killed them. So sad. We had big plans for applesauce and apple butter. Maybe next year.

We are getting ready to have our C-group over tonight for a meal and Bible study. We are meeting every Friday night in October. It has been really fun to get together and share a meal. They are a great group of friends and we have enjoyed getting to know everyone better.

I have had no mental energy for couponing lately. I blame all the adoption paperwork. I really need to get my act together =)

Happy Friday!
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Jeanne said...

So did Ezra like the figs? Tim got some pickled figs as a gift, and they were actually very good. (Sweet, not vinegar-y.) That might be worth trying. No apples....soooo sad.