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An actual Thursday Thoughts on Thursday.

Imagine that.

I woke up today in quite the cleaning mode. Now, I normally do my once weekly cleaning on Thursday mornings. You know, the toilets, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and mopping. The big things. I usually get an early start on it before the kids get up (before all the extra "help") and finish the rest after breakfast. I like to have it done early in the day so there is still more time to do fun things.

Today though it seemed that I noticed every little thing...the cobwebs in the corners of the ceilings, the dirty oven, stove, and drip pans, and the baseboards that were calling out to be dusted.

And knowing me...once these things have been noticed...there is no ignoring.

Needless to say my cleaning chores were finished a little later than normal today. But it does feel extra good to have a fully cleaned house. Ella was actually a big helper for getting the baseboards cleaned =)

We still managed to find time to make it to the library for a whole new selection of books. I love that Ezra is really paying attention for entire books now. Especially if he is the page-tuner and the book has at least one picture of a car, truck, train, or airplane somewhere in the book.

Levi (our dog) now makes our weekly trek to the library with us. He insists on sitting in between the car seats and alternately licking Ezra and Ella. The kids love it.

Expect for when Levi pooted and filled the whole car up with an unpleasant odor and we had to ride with the windows down.

Poor Ella's sensitive nose was really struggling =)

We got our state background checks in the mail today...only a week since I sent them in! Now we are only waiting on the FBI ones and we will have all of our home study documents DONE!

I also finished my 10 hours of required education for our adoption agency. Finding the time for Jeremiah to do his is going to be the difficult part.

I admit I was dreading doing the 10 hours of required education, but once I got started I really enjoyed the training. I learned a lot about the science of brain development and attachment and a lot of other issues that surround a childs development. Not just things to apply to our adopted children, but to our biological ones as well. While I don't necessarily agree with all of the practical parenting plans they suggested, it did make me think about a lot of issues that surround parenting an adopted child and open up a lot of discussion with Jeremiah for ways we plan on addressing those issues.

Despite my lack of motivation for couponing lately, I pulled my act together this week to plan for my grocery shopping trip tomorrow, including a 2 week meal plan. We have been just using up our stockpile these past couple of weeks and my pantry is actually looking bare in spots. I actually need a few staple things like ketchup and toothpaste. Gasp!

Happy Thursday!
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mommajeane said...

How cute except the poop part. I can only imagine Ella's reaction and Ezra well maybe he thought that was cool.