Costume Anxiety

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I think I've written about this before.

Oh yes, last year.

I admit to having tremendous costume anxiety around this time of year.

I refuse to spend the money on a store bought costume. We were given costumes again that were too small for Ella and too big for Ezra =) I wait till too late to come up with a homemade creative idea I can actually execute.

Oh yes, and then a whole new aspect to the issue this year (and the biggest kink of all) is that Ella has really strong opinions on what she will or won't dress up as.

I just can't imagine where in the world she gets that from?

So here I am. Four short days from Halloween. Still no costumes.

Stay tuned to see what I come up with...
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Sounds like you might have a plan up your sleeve, but if you need ideas, here is the site that inspired my tutu making. :)You can see pictures of the finished product on my blog or FB. It is a really easy, really quick costume to make, it is approved by a couple of equally opinionated little ones, and will serve as dress-up clothes when everything is over. :)

Whatever you decide on, I'm sure that it will be too cute!! :)