Above Freezing

We have a rule in this house.

If it is below freezing outside then we stay inside.

If it is above freezing (even by a degree!) then we get at least 15 minutes of fresh air in the winter.

That means Mommy too!

Since we actually made it into the 40's earlier this week I decided we could do much more than 15 minutes outside and we packed up the bikes and headed to our favorite local park for some much needed get-the-wiggles-out time.

And since I realized I hadn't taken but ONE photo of the kids in January, I packed along the camera too...


Pam said...

I am loving these "warmer" temps too! Cute pictures! Love the hats!

mommajeane said...

I love how they enjoy each other... you can tell from their smiles...

Tasha Via said...

We love that rule too! GREAT pictures BTW=) The one of them together on the slide is SO cute.

Kelly Via said...

Wow, you are braver than me!! We don't get outside too much in the cold weather!! We do try to find other ways to get the wiggles out, though!!


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