Update: Haiti

We received word late this afternoon that Sherri Faussey is alive!

Her house and orphanage did fall, but the school is still standing. All but one child made it out.


As much as we rejoice in the good news (and rejoice we do!)...

my heart grieves.


Pam said...

I can't imagine the personal grief that you have as you look at that sweet face having known and met him. We have been praying for the specific people you have mentioned by name and rejoice with you in knowing Sherri is safe! Please continue to update as you hear with additional requests that we can be lifting up!

Kelly Via said...

Jenn, I am so happy to hear some good news about your friends there in Haiti. My heart is also broken for this life that was lost. We hear of the thousands who were lost...and when you think of each individual life - like this little guy - the loss is so overwhelming. We are praying. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Jodi said...

what a beautiful little boy, now in the arms of Jesus. Praying...



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