A Day and a Half all in a Day

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Yesterday my mom, sister Mary Kate and I spent about six hours shopping at the NC Kids Exchange.

That is, a HUGE consignment sale of epic proportions...which I've written about before.

You can read my friend Tasha's take on it here.

I got Ella and Ezra's spring and summer wardrobes (including 4 pairs of shoes!) as well as a new big girl booster seat for Ella. I averaged $2 per item and didn't spend over $5 for anything, including Ella's Easter dress and the booster seat!

While the sale is extremely worth it in the savings department it is also extremely exhausting!

And if that wasn't enough for one day, we packed up the car and me and the kids drove home with my mom to spend an extended weekend with my family.

Six more hours driving in the fog and icy conditions.

I was more than glad to call it (more) than a day yesterday as I crawled into bed last night!
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Pam said...

I missed out this year on the sale...I have sold in the past but wasn't ready for the stress of all of it this year! So glad you got great deals! Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

Kristen said...

I'm a little nervous about our first trip to the kids exchange tomorrow...I'm already unstable...I may crack under the pressure!

Tasha Via said...

glad you made it safe=)