A lost ninja warrior

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I want to write about Peterson.

Because I know it is easy to look at all the news stories and pictures and just be overwhelmed by the tragedy and all the people in Haiti affected by the earthquake.

Yet most of the people remain nameless to the vast majority of us.

Peterson's life was not just a number...

When we first arrived in Haiti and made our way to Sherrie's house one of the first kids to greet us was a skinny boy in the gangly stage that all school aged boys hit.

He was missing his front teeth and had the most sparkling eyes.

And mischievous smile.

Jeremiah quickly realized that he had an instant companion in this boy.

Peterson stuck by our side the whole time we were there and wasn't afraid to lend a helping hand during our construction project.

Ok, maybe not helping so much, but he sure added to the fun!

After about half a day he warmed up enough to show us his ninja look...

You know, the kind of look that just sends chills down your spine because you know he is about to unleash all fifty pounds of his ninja fury onto you =)

Then he got his buddies got into the ninja act too. Now we were really worried...

Finally, the fury was loosed...
(Peterson is the one in the blue shorts and green shirt)

He had friends.

He had a mom.

He had siblings.

Toki, one of his younger twin brothers.

He will be missed.

Luke 12:6

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies?
Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.
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mommajeane said...

Thank you Jenn... I have so many faces of orphans who no one would cry about if they died in my heart... at least little Peterson has someone who is crying...

Kathleen said...

The situation in Haiti has been so heavy on my heart. The suffering and loss is so overwhelming. Thank you for taking time to honor the life of one of these little ones.

Kelly Via said...

Jonathan and I were just talking the other night how we tend to lump the massive number of thousands dead together...but when you think of: Each life. Each Family. Each child. Each friend - The suffering and loss is so hard to take in. It is just overwhelming. If someone were to post a blog like this about each one, could we even fathom the loss??

I think its great that you took a moment to honor your buddy Peterson. I know he has a sweet place in your heart, and he will be missed.

Jungle Mom said...

may I repost to my blog?

Deb H said...

Very nice Jenn, awesome tribute.
Thank you!

Joy said...

Thank you for sharing his beautiful face with us. I'm so happy God placed you all in his little life.
I am so sorry.
♥ Joy

Xapa said...

Thank you for your post. Peterson was a very special boy - to know him was to love him. My brother, Kasey wrote about him:

God bless!