Haiti Team 11:00 pm update

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Excerpts from Heart for Haiti on Jeremiah's parents:

11:00 pm

Our team had another powerful day of helping those in great need today.

They all send their thanks for your prayers and support and say they can definitely feel it's power. Jim and I are having trouble connecting his satellite phone to my mobile - it is very garbled and we loose most of the conversation. Please pray that we can get a better connection. The team is "sleeping beneath the stars" on the open second floor of a concrete building at Sherries. They have a time of prayer and praise each evening before laying down to sleep. Michael and Jonathan both posted how they love laying there looking at the heavens and hearing the sound of Haitians praising the Lord through song.

What a beautiful way for God to refresh their weary souls after a full day of meeting so many needs.

At about 10:15 p.m. tonight there was another tremor which scared some of the team who were just drifting off to sleep. It put them on alert again and the team asked for our continued prayers for their safety as these aftershocks continue to hit.
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Thanks for these updates. We're praying!

Oh, I've been wondering . . . have you heard anything about them changing their adoption requirements due to their even greater need now?