Don't Leave Home Without Them

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In my day and a half squeezed into a day I must have somehow forgotten to pack a few items for our visit with my family.

Thankfully it is just non-essential items...

You know, like pajamas's, socks, and toothbrushes =)

I did manage to remember the true essentials...

You know, like water bottles, barbies, and three white tank tops.

Thankfully, I'm visiting a house that is more stocked than your local walmart!


What's the worst thing you have forgotten to pack for a trip?
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Kathleen said...

We once forgot to pick up an early refill of my son's seizure medicine. We knew we didn't have enough to get through the trip and ordered more, just forgot to pick it up. We were able to get more at a pharmacy there, but had to pay for it all out of pocket. An expensive thing to forget.

Addie said...

Nebulizer mask and chamber for christian's asthma treatments know how hard it is to find those at 11pm? Thankfully there was a great nurse in the local ER that hooked me up for free :) I surely won't forget it again.