They Made It!

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The team landed safely!

They already have a praise report. The team had tried to get some IV fluids to take with them, but were unable to get any. This morning at the hangar, another team going in had an abundance and were not able to take it all with them, so they gave them to the team! Praise God!

Now we need a miracle for safe travels for them and the meds to get to Sherrie's site. We are praying that they can secure armed guards to escort them.

They were able to load 700 lbs of medical supplies on the plane and have about another 700 lbs waiting to be shipped in later as space provides. Jimmy Hendricks, NASCAR driver, donated his planes, pilots and crews to the Haiti efforts this week and the team flew in on his turbo-prop plane.

That's all for now...
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Pam said...

PTL!! Glad they made it safely and that prayers were answered through the meds/IV situation!! We are not Hendricks fans when it comes to NASCAR (HA!!) but yay for him!! How cool!