Eat More Chicken!

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Mark your calendars if you live any wear near the Durham, North Carolina area for Thursday, January 28th.

And plan on eating dinner at Chick Fil A.

Why you ask?

Because we have teamed up with the Johnson's and are holding an adoption fundraiser night!

Eat dinner on the 28th anytime from 5pm - 8pm at the Hillsborough Road Chick Fil A and they will donate 20% of the profits towards our adoption funds!

There is one small catch: You have to hand in a spirit card to the cashier in order for your order to "count" towards our total. And we can't hand them out that night.

But don't worry...we have plenty of cards and will get them to whomever wants them! We will be bringing them to church, we can mail them to you, you just let us know if you want some!

and don't you worry about forgetting about it...

I'll be repeating this post as the day gets closer =)
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Hey Jenn and Jeremiah! We would LOVE to receive a card and would HAPPILY eat at Chic to support adoption. You might have to send us a card in the mail, unless Jeremiah and Jas happen to meet up or run into each other before the 28th :)

6506 Whitt Rd
Durham, NC 27712

Can't wait and THANKS for adopting a child ;)

Jason and Charity