Thursday Thoughts

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It's been a while since I've done a "Thursday Thoughts" post so I'll refresh your memory on the rules:

1) There are no rules and this is permission for me to be as random as my mind usually is!

This weeks seems incredibly short. I can't believe we are at Thursday already. The weekend is looming and might include some winter weather. I hope. I hope. I brought back a recipe for an incredible sausage and tortellini soup (recipe to be posted later) from my sister Molly and I am excited to try it out. Nothing better than homemade soup on a snowy day!

Tonight is our Chick Fil A night. At the risk of beating a dead horse, here are the details again for those of you that live in the Raleigh/Durham area:

Tonight, Thursday January 28th
Eat at the Chick Fil A on Hillsborough Road
Bring your spirit card to turn in with your order
Get your spirit card here!
20% of the proceeds will go towards our adoptions fund!

It has now been officially three weeks since we began paci boot camp with Ezra. About a week into it I was really worried that he was going to never take a nap again...but he has learned a new normal to settle down for naps and bedtime and is doing so good! He still randomly asks for his paci but doesn't whine for it anymore. There have been some pretty significant changes we have seen in his vocabulary and enunciation just in the past three weeks. His "Ezra-ease" is fading and real understandable words are coming out. I'm not sure if this is related to the paci or not, but in the past few weeks something has clicked in his brain and he has learned his colors and shapes and recognize several letters and will even count up to ten for us. He will sit (and enjoy!) several books being read at a time. Who knew?!

Speaking of books being read I am enjoying Raising a Modern-Day Princess by Farrel and Hanna. For all of you moms out there with daughters its a good read to help us inspire purpose, value, and strength in our daughters.

Here's to a snowy weekend...

Happy Thursday!
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Ooo! Can I borrow that book after you are finished??