Puke (re-visited)

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For the second week in a row I have packed up for a trip on a Thursday night...only to unpack on Friday morning because that trip is not going to happen.

Ella...who deceptively faked being all over her sickness...woke us up (again, in the wee hours of the morning) throwing up last night.

We had planned on meeting my parents at the halfway point to exchange the kids for the weekend. Not only is our big yard sale tomorrow, but our anniversary is on Sunday. A kid free weekend was much anticipated.

Key word = was.

Nix that idea.

If we don't get over this stomach bug I feel as though I might harm myself. Or go live in a bubble.

I think all the lysol fumes have sucked the creative energy right out of me as all I have managed to blog about this week is puke. I promise next week will be better. Unless it's not. In which case you have my permission to not read my blog anymore. I won't blame you.

Oh well.

I am not complaining. I am thankful it is JUST a stomach bug and not something more serious.

I may not feel we will ever get over it...but I know we will.

Or else...bring on the bubble world.
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Addie said...

I'm sorry :( Kids do that a lot (mine have), kinda a little relapse a day or two later. So sorry! Hope all are better soon!

Pam said...

It seems to be hitting so late in the spring this year. We just recently got over it here and now Jenny's family has it. Praying you all feel better soon! You are so witty through it all! Hang in there!!! :)

mommajeane said...

I hate that they are sick and I hate that we can't have them... but glad you are not sharing it with us too... Hope we can get together soon.

Becky Swann said...

Something about puke, it is just awefulness. I'm sorry your weekend is not going as planned, praying little Ella heals quickly!

Kelly Via said...