Thursday Thoughts (on Friday)

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This week has been blessedly puke free and yard sale free. What joy.

I did manage to throw in a major nesting spurt (yes, again) with all the extra time (insert sarcastic tone) I had this week. I called upon the generosity of Aunt Tasha to keep the kids for me Tuesday night (Jeremiah was away all week on a staff retreat) and made a quick trip to the Charlotte Ikea and got the kids new bunk beds.

And...maybe a few other things...because who really can walk out of that place with just buying one thing?!

I didn't think to consider checking how much the box was going to weigh before committing to this trip.

120 lbs.

Oh dear.

But no fear...the helpful Ikea workers got it into my cart...and then disappeared when it was time to load it into the van. I finagled it somehow into the van. I may or may not have passed gas while doing so. However, once I got it home I realized there was no way it was making it into the house. So...there it sat...wedged in between the car seats all week...until Jeremiah used his massive muscles to effortlessly bring it in this morning.

Next time I'll check the weight.

And rethink the bean burrito for lunch.

He set it up (along with two mighty cute helpers) this morning...and I'll be posting some pictures of the kids finished room later next week.

He also put a fence up all the way around my garden. Take that you pesky varmints!

I have a friend (of the cyberworld variety) who left last week to pick up her two kiddo's from Ethiopia. She took pictures of Eli for me, but because of computer trouble has not been able to get them uploaded. She sent a quick email to let that be known along with this line:

"Chala had just woken up and was eating an egg; he was so cute and refused to put the egg down for a photo opp - so sweet!"

I cried when I read that line.

One silly little line about an egg.

I know so little about him...but I now know he likes eggs.

And things with wheels too the latest set of photos all have him either riding a toy car or attempting to ride a bike.

Oh yes, he is going to fit right in with Ezra!

Happy Friday!
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Briana said...

aww man i love you. funny that a post about farting and varmits has made me exclaim this, but it has. I can picture you wrestling those bunk beds (the ones we saw?) into your swagger wagon. And I am not surprised that you cried over the line about the egg, that's big news when you want to know so much and know so little. I'm so excited for you and your expanding family. much love i'm sending your way this morning.

Addie said...

I laughed outloud at the gas part, which isn't a good thing cuz I'm in a place where I shouldn't be playing with my iPhone :) too funny! And I'm so glad you got that tiny bit of information on Eli!