Today is brought to you by the number seven

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Seven is my favorite number.

I know, you are thinking that is my favorite number for some grand spiritual reason since seven is such a special number in the bible. And since I am such a grand spiritual person. (kidding.)


Remember Alf? The furry alien guy? I used to love him as a kid.
Remember Hollywood Squares? The cheesy tic-tac-toe game show? Yeah, loved that too.

On a late 1980's episode of hollywood squares Alf revealed that seven was his favorite number. Therefore, in my young impressionable stage, I absorbed seven as my own favorite number.

Silly, I know. But the truth.

Today I love the number seven for a whole new (probably more grown up) reason.

Jeremiah and I have been married for seven years today.


I feel as though we are way past the honeymoon stage, even past the young married stage now.

And I wouldn't go back for anything. I love where we are. I love where we are going. Together.

I love that I know more about Bret Farve and football that I ever dreamed possible. I love that he now loves to read. I love that I get him and he gets me. I love that we have been blessed with three incredible children together. I love that we may vary on the methods, but we are always going in the same direction.

Being married has shown me the depth of my capacity for selfishness. (Remember the paint can?) The depth of my need for Christ. Being married hasn't always made me happy (I mean really, who would like their selfish capabilities so plainly revealed?!) but it has pushed me towards Christ and holiness.

I love you Jeremiah. Happy Anniversary!

Here's to seventy-seven more years together!
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Becky Swann said...

Oh happy 7 years of pure bliss:) hope you enjoy your day!

mommajeane said...

Happy Anniversary to 2 of my favorite people. I love the role model that you are to your younger siblings...May you be blessed with more children :)- only teasing.

Pam said...

Happy Anniversary! I pray you have a blessed day together and many many more years!

Tasha Via said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kelly Via said...

Happy 7 Years...and counting, Jenn and Jeremiah!! We love you guys!

Sheri said...

I hope it was a great day for you two!!! You wild and crazy kids went to Harris Teeter......
I did notice you didn't have the kids so someone gave you a date night!