The Benefits

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To your child throwing up in the wee hours of the morning in a hotel room:

1) No wait at the laundry mat.

2) Undivided attention from the front desk clerk.

3) Apparently that is when Ella is in deep REM sleep because she NEVER. EVEN. WOKE. UP. Nevermind her brothers crying, turning all the lights on, and the doors opening and closing. Repeatedly.

4) Unlimited cartoons (you know, for the one child that actually slept all night and therefore woke up on time).

5) Nobody knows you (you are at a hotel remember) and therefore you don't care about smelling like vomit or looking like crap to anyone.

6) The ice buckets are rather handy.

7) You realize how good at this team thing you and your husband really are.

8) No worries about any late night cravings.

9) Plenty of extra pillows.

10) No need to worry about how dirty the room probably is because you now know how dirty it is.

And as an added bonus...(since it is your lucky day)...

(Just a few of) The Benefits to your child throwing up in the car:

1) One word: containment.

2) You find out how quickly it really is possible to cross over three lanes of traffic and onto the shoulder all while looking at your child in the rear view mirror. I'm talking super-hero skill development there.

3) Two words: open windows.


Oh, the bliss of traveling with kids.
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Kelly Via said...

Oh. No. Janet offered to let us stay with you guys at the hotel last night. Sounds like we missed some great family togetherness :/ !! I can't even imagine what that would have been like, right?

Really though, so sorry for such a hard end to the trip!! I know that had to be incredibly hard!! Poor little Ezra!

the broomes said...

Oh guys- I'm so sorry. Yuck. We have the stomach bug here too. Caleb and Anna Bell have it now...and I'm anticipating Joshua waking up tonight because he's been EXTRA hyperactive this evening (which probably means he's not feeling quite right.) Fun times with our little babies!

Addie said...

Oh I am so sorry! I can feel your pain, especially at his age when he can't make the bucket yet :( sorry! Hope it doesn't go around!

Ugh! Sorry your weekend didn't turn out as planned! Hope that Ezra is feeling better and that he doesn't share with the rest of you!

Briana said...

oh gosh. I am surprised at how positve your telling of this horrendous event is. Uggg, i do not envy that thrill ride. Sorry kiddo.