Thursday Thoughts

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Poor Jeremiah is the only one left in our family who hasn't succumbed to the stomach bug. Last night was my turn. And, well...I feel like I have blogged more than enough about puke this week, so I will spare you the details.

We are also waiting on more details about my Grampa. He is still in the hospital and is having a lot of tests done.

Still waiting on travel dates. I talked with our agency this week and really didn't learn anything new, other than "it will be either June 2nd, 16th, or 30th." Thanks. That helps a lot =)

The other thing consuming my mind this week (besides puke) is our FINAL yard sale fundraiser coming up this Saturday! For those of you in the durham area here are some of the details:

Yard / Bake Sale
May 22nd
111 Crestview Dr. Durham, NC
8am - the last thing is sold!
Rain or Shine!

Tons of baby clothes, toys, and equipment, furniture, large appliances, small appliances, linens, home decor, electronics, books, dvd's...and a lot more!

We have had a lot of nice donations and so many wonderful friends pitching in to help put it on. I'll be sure to update on the success of it this weekend!

I realize I never wrote about our trip to Carowinds last weekend. Despite Ezra's sickness (which waited until the wee hours of the morning in the hotel) we had a great family day! Ella is fearless and rode every single ride that she was tall enough for, including a "real" roller coaster. I can't remember ever seeing her laugh so hard! Ezra did really good too...not fearless in any way, but he rode several rides and thoroughly enjoyed several blue raspberry icee's.

Sidenote: I probably would have rethought the color choice of his icee's had I known they were going to be making a reappearance later in the day.

I am sad that I didn't take any pictures...but I wasn't about to lug my camera around for the day along with two kids, the double stroller, and all the gear needed for a day at a park.

Here, maybe this photo will make up for it...

This is at Joy's graduation, taken last weekend, off all our Via Family. Congratulations Joy!

Happy Thursday!
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We are really really really going to try to stop by...hopefully Sam will cooperate!

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