Recovery Wednesday

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Poor Ella succumbed to the stomach bug yesterday. For four hours straight she threw up every fifteen minutes.

(I know, I know...probably too much information.)

Thankfully, blissfully, the worst is over and we are in recovery mode today. You know...laundry and sanitizing every square inch of the house (as if that will ward off the sense of impending doom that surrounds Jeremiah and me). Ginger ale, crackers, and movies for Ella.

We also got news right in the middle of everything that my Grampa (my Dad's dad) collapsed and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. No definitive news on what caused the collapse...we will probably know more later today.

I am very thankful that today is a new day. And so far, a throw up free day.
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Briana said...

oh that is awful! every 15 minutes?! Poor thing. wow, hope you and Jeremiah dodge the bullet.

the broomes said...

poor babies...all three of our kids have had it too. Joshua has not moved from either the bed or couch all day today:( LOTS of movies here...we're going to have to have a couple of TV detox days after we all recover! ...I will definitely pray that you and Jeremiah don't get it too!

Jeanne said...

Most days we forget to be thankful for a throw-up-free day, but boy is it something to be thankful for! The other things I was thankful for on our recovery day were my carpet, which was cleaner than ever due to how many times I had to clean it, and my jeans, which buttoned easily for the first time in months. I'm glad y'all are past the hurling.