Thursday Thoughts

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When I first started writing this post Ezra was running his cars back and forth on his bedroom wall...

Back and forth.
Back and forth.

So much for napping. I am really fearful that this nap strike is more than a stage, seeing as we are going on a little over a month of more days a week where he doesn't nap than he does. Oh dear. Ella takes more than he does at this point. Oh Ella, my sweet sleepy girl. She loves her some sleep. When I picked her up from Awana's last night her teacher told me that she kept saying that she was just sooo tired. Silly sleepy girl.

I am thinking about staging a stake out one night this weekend. It seems we have a raccoon that has been up to some tom foolery here lately. He (or she? not sure why I assume it is a he?) has been pulling up the flowers in my pots on my side porch. He doesn't eat the flowers...just lays them besides the pots...roots intact. (See Exhibit A) Frustrating. And messy. Especially when Ezra finds them before me. In his Sunday best. When we are running late. Not sure what I would do if I actually encountered Mr. Raccoon on my stake out. Spray him with some cridder ridder maybe? Suggestions are welcome.

Exhibit A:

It's not every day you get to use a sentence that includes the phrase tom foolery.

Back and forth.
Back and forth.
I wonder how long it would take him to wear a hole through the wall?

No news of an embassy appointment and travel dates yet. In fact, I know of several families who passed court early in April who are still waiting to hear their dates. It doesn't look good for us to hear anytime soon if they still haven't heard. The planner in me hates this. We have tentative dates that we think will be when we travel, but nothing we can go book our tickets on. And the longer we wait, the more the airfare prices goes up...

But. I think you already know that waiting isn't my strong point. No need to beat a dead horse.

I am just focusing on the things that I have control over...mainly that to do list of mine. Making progress, slowly but surely. My biggest accomplishment this week was going through every single article of the kids clothes, weeding out some for friends and the yard sale, and organizing the rest into labeled tubs.

Eli has his very own one...full of size 2t clothes (what we think he will be wearing) that is just waiting for him.

It had been quiet for a whole five minutes...
Went to check on Ezra...
This is what I found...

Silly boy.

Happy Thursday!
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mommajeane said...

All boy is what I think of when I see this picture.. looking at his bruised legs from lots of hard playing and falling, cars all around, sweetness, so precious as he sleeps finally for you.

that truck drivin will wear a guy out! He just had to put some miles on before he could rest!