Yard Sale Update

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We're done! We're done! We're done!

...with our last fundraiser!!!

The excitement exuding from my body is palatable!

Saturday's yardsale was a great success...and we ended up raising over $900 to split between the Johnson's and us.

We had so many wonderful volunteers and donations...so many friends that showed up...so much support...it was overwhelming.
In the best way possible.

Here are a few quick pictures from the day:

Our hardworking team (no laughing at the fanny packs!)...

Thank you to all who made this possible!

A special thank you to Alli D. for keeping the kids all day on Saturday so we wouldn't have to worry about them!

And a special special thank you to Casey and Kaley Taylor who put in just as many hours as we did and worked tirelessly all week long! You are true friends and we love you!

And for the record: I will NEVER do another yard sale for as long as I live.

It might take another week to recover. Truly. I am in a yard sale coma.

Eli is worth it. Every second of it.

Now we are ready to buy some plane tickets and go get our boy!!!
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Tasha Via said...

Tears, smiles, exhaustion for you...

So glad it went well and...

SO glad you are done and another step closer to getting Eli!

Pam said...

YAY!! Glad it was successful and glad it is over for you!! Anxious to hear the date that little Eli can get picked up!

Kelly Via said...

I am so glad that the Yard sale went well, and that you made almost $500!! Sounds great! I heard that Jeremiah even had some buyers for your buckets of puke for $2.50 a bucket!! A great deal ;)

Love the fanny packs. Kinda looks like me taking your wedding photos.

the broomes said...

wow-- that's great, guys!!! I am praying that your date to travel is set really soon-- I can't imagine how excited you are!

congrats on the yardsale success! We were glad we were able to make it, and Sam had an awesome time!
I lost your e-mail address, so if you'd like the packing list or anything else my e-mail is